Heat Exchanger World Conference & Exhibition Europe 2022

1st & 2nd November, 2022
RDM, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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The first European Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo premiers

at RDM Rotterdam, 1st and 2nd November 2022

Heat Exchanger World Conference

The Heat Exchanger World Conference is the culmination of much work on the part of our conference team.


The programme will showcase some of the latest developments within the industry as well as providing interesting discussions on current challenges to the supply chain.
This event is the opportunity to ask experts questions and address issues that you face in your daily working life. Undoubtedly, they will be able to offer advice and in many cases solutions.

As well as gleaning knowledge from the sessions we hope that you will enjoy voicing your opinions in our discussions and take advantage of interactive workshops.

This is a vibrant community so this conference is intended to be of great value to you, whether this be in gaining a better understanding of technicalities or challenges within the supply chain, meeting new business prospects, or strengthening existing contacts and knowledge.

Be part of our community; make it your business opportunity of 2022 and exchange what matters!

Heat Exchanger World Exhibition

The exhibition will be a meeting ground between manufacturers, suppliers, traders, engineering companies and end-users, where latest technologies, wares, and ideas can be discussed and promoted to further develop the heat exchanger supply chain.

This event will provide a dedicated space for professionals working in the heat transfer sector to address key issues in the industry from design and manufacture, through purchasing to usage and maintenance. It will enjoy an atmosphere of information-sharing, connection, and learning in a relaxed and informative atmosphere.

We look forward to welcoming you to RDM Rotterdam in November 2022!

Our goal is to:

  • Present the latest developments and best practises in industrial heat exchange
  • Connect experts and peers to gain and improve knowledge
  • Further develop end-user understanding of specialist equipment
  • Help promote new products and projects
  • Look to the future of the supply chain and the changing needs of the industry
  • Help expand business networks and direct business-to-business opportunities.

If you would like to participate in the conference contact:

Ms Ellie Pritchard
E-mail: e.pritchard@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 575 585 270

For more information about the exhibition contact:

Mr. Kamiel van Wijk
E-mail: k.v.wijk@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 575 585 289