Event information

 Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Europe returns 6th & 7th November, 2024

The second European Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo will take place 6th & 7th November 2024 at the Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands.

It will run parallel with the renowned Duplex World Conference & Expo which will share the same location.

Our goal is to:

  • Present the latest developments and best practises in industrial heat exchange
  • Connect experts and peers to gain and improve knowledge
  • Further develop end-user understanding of specialist equipment
  • Help promote new products and projects
  • Look to the future of the supply chain and the changing needs of the industry,
  • Help expand business networks and direct business-to-business opportunities.

The conference will feature traditional presentation sessions as well as hands-on workshops where new skills can be learnt and new knowledge can be acquired. A ‘Call for Papers’ will be announced in December 2023, but if you would like to suggest topics to be covered, please contact Conference Manager Mrs. Joanne McIntyre.

The exhibition will be a meeting ground between manufacturers, suppliers, traders, engineering companies and end-users, where latest technologies, wares, and ideas can be discused and promoted to further develop the heat exchanger supply chain.

Conference Manager:
Mrs. Joanne McIntyre
Tel: +31 (0) 575 585 298

Sales & Marketing
Mr. Sjoerd Hesseling
Tel: +31 630 996 476
E-Mail: s.hesseling@kci-world.com

Exhibition Co-ordinator:
Mr. Jan Dieperink
Tel: +31 (0) 575 585 299
E-Mail: j.dieperink@kci-world.com