Heat Exchanger World & Duplex World Networking Dinner

Date : Wednesday 13 November 2024

Location: Hotel New York, NY Basement, Rotterdam

Join the Networking Dinner at Hotel New York, a combined event for Heat Exchanger World and Duplex World. It’s an opportunity to meet and discuss business and further develop your industry connections over delicious food and drinks in this iconic and historic venue.

Hotel New York is the iconic former headquarters of the Holland-America Line, dating from 1901. The building still reflects its rich history, shaped in part by the hopes and dreams of thousands of migrants who embarked on a new adventure from here: a life in the land of opportunity: America!

Inside, the NY Basement serves exciting cocktails and culinary creations in the atmosphere of pre-war Manhattan. Join us for a night to remember in this nostalgic and characteristic building on the waterfront in Rotterdam.

Tickets to join the Heat Exchanger World & Duplex World Networking Dinner are EUR 95 per person. Places are limited so book yours today!